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Healdsburg Junior High School
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Bill Halliday, Principal
Erika McGuire, Asst Principal

(707) 431-3410 Main Office
Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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Please check out this link to get instructions on how to download it from Aeries, our student information system.

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal is a web-based program which provides parents with information about their students through our secure server. Instructions for creating an account are attached (English, Spanish) .

In order to create an account you must obtain Information from the school office. Please contact Suzy at 431-3410.

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Parent Annual Notification 2014-2015

Click here for the Annual Notice to Parents. Please download and review this material, then sign and return the 'Acknowledgement of Parent or Guardian of Annual Rights Notification' form attached and return it to the school office. If you would like a paper copy of the Annual Notification Information, please contact Debbie Odetto at 431-3488 or dodetto@husd.com.


Short Film "I am Alexa"


Healdsburg Junior High Student Films Selected for Short Film Festival


March 13, 2015Four short films created by Healdsburg Junior High students were selected for Sonoma County of Education’s Five Minute Film Festival. All Sonoma County K-12 students were invited to submit a short film that focused on the theme of growth. A judging panel reviewed 127 film submissions and selected the top 15 films to debut at the Third Street Cinema in Santa Rosa the evening of March 16, 2015.

Teachers Lillian Fonseca and Bella Barclay incorporated the film projects into their student’s Project Based Inquiry Language Arts curriculum. Beginning in January, students began to research the theme of growth to write their film proposal, script, and storyboards. Teachers and students learned how to use technical film editing tools and software to create their short films. Students were able to work independently or collaboratively depending on their project scope.

"At HUSD, we believe that students learn best when they are inspired and engaged," said Jeff Harding, HUSD Superintendent. "The film project initiative taken by our teachers is a perfect example of the integration of academics and technology to create motivating project based learning that teaches relevant 21st century skills."

“I witnessed students have that aha moment,” said Bill Halliday, Healdsburg Junior High Principal. "A subject they didn’t consider relevant suddenly became interesting as they discovered the relevance of classroom learning to tell their own stories on film.”

Films were selected based on the film’s connection to the topic of growth, storytelling, educational content, and creativity. Healdsburg Junior High’s selected films are: 

  • "I Am Alexa" by Alexa Bail
  • "Change By Change" by Mia Palmieri
  • Growth of Art" by Jomei Tillis and Joel Castro
  • "Ain't I a Woman" by Chloe Robson, Sirena Licea and  Beatriz Savin

All Healdsburg Junior High student films may be viewed at http://bit.ly/HJHFonsecaFilms and http://bit.ly/HJHBarclayFilms.

“When one thinks back to their middle school years, they remember the times when they had the opportunity to shine, ” said Lillian Fonseca and Bella Barclay, HJH teachers. “The film project was a powerful and inspiring moment that all of our students will carry with them for the rest of their lives.”

More information about The Five Minute Film Festival: www.scoe.org/pub/htdocs/21c-film.html

PI Activities


Friday, 3/13/15, after a fun day of PI activities in class, Mrs. Doherty’s and Mr. Costa’s 6th and 7th grade math classes will get to enjoy a little 3.14159265358979323846264338327…well you know the rest.

Accelerated English Success!

Accelerated English Success!

We are very proud to recognize our successful Accelerated English students. The students listed below have worked diligently in their classes and assessments. All students advanced a level, or moved out of the program entirely at semester. Thanks to Ms. Ganoung, Ms. Peterson and Ms. Kaufer-Smith for their dedication to our students and their progress.

Nancy Juarez, Omar Rodriguez, Julian Bermejo, Andy Rosales, Nayely Duran, Vanessa Garcia, Luis Casas, Jonatan Mendoza, Diego Carlino, Estefania Cruz, Mario Quiroz, Giovanna Briano, Juan Gonzalez, Jose Hernandez, Alondra Chavez, Andy Castro, Arturo Ortiz, Jessica Ortiz, Kemberlee Rubio, Marco Montanez, Consuelo Medina,  Christian Pantoja, Jason Beltran, Ramon Camacho, Mercedes Ibanez, Nayeli Magdaleno, Felipe Martiniz, Lupita Medrano, Anthony Pantoja, Adrian Rodriguez, Janet Rodriguez, Anahi Sanchez, Alejandro Rosa, Edgar Naranjo, Emiliano Bautista, Eric Leyva, Jennifer Perez, Mizael Torres, Angel Vera, Samantha Onate, Alicia Gonzalez, Enrique Lopez, Andrea Brito, Favian Flores, Jonathan Gomez, Yuliet Gonzales, Jackie Guzman, Viviana Magdaleno, Alondra Perez, Safalta Purkuti, Emely Rosillo and Ana Zavala.

Today: 3/30/15

Library Nights at Healdsburg High School

The Healdsburg High School Library is now open every Thursday evening from 5:30-7:30. All Healdsburg Unified School District students, parents and siblings are invited to come and use the high school library’s resources, homework. Take advantage of this opportunity to study in this resources-rich environment! Library Evening Hours are sponsored by the Healdsburg Education Foundation. There will be no Library Evening Program on Thursday, March 19 due to another event being held in the library that same evening.

Counseling News - Girls Groups

In an effort to foster communication and coping skills in our female students, Mrs. Carlson will be facilitating GIRLS groups for the remainder of the school year. The small groups will run for 6 weeks during Monday lunches and will be based from the popular curriculum Girls in Real-Life Situations (GIRLS). These groups will provide a safe place for the girls to discuss relevant friendship issues with their peers, and give them the opportunity to practice skills important in handling common friendship problems. They will also explore individual strengths and areas for growth. 

Mrs. Carlson welcomes all girls who are interested in joining. If your daughter is interested in participating, please have them come by the Student Services Building and fill out a Counseling Request Form outside of the School Counselor’s office. If you have any questions about these groups, please contact Mrs. Carlson at 431.3410 or bcarlson@husd.com. Thank you!

Getting Ready for Spring

Getting Ready for Spring

8th grade AVID students participate in Read Across America


8th grade science students conducting experiments with visiting kindergarteners

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