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HJH Athletic Director

Hadley Fleming



In as much as the administration, teachers, and coaching staff at Healdsburg Jr. High will be

assuming supervisory responsibilities of your son/daughter on trips away from school, as well as

at events on campus, we feel it is important that students and parents fully understand the rules,

which governs such trips and events. Please read this contract with your son/daughter, sign and

return the tear-off portion and retain the rest for future reference. Parents drivers need to submit a

completed “HUSD Voluntary Driver Insurance Authorization Form”, photo copy of the driver’s

California Driver’s License and current auto insurance. There will be a parent meeting after

tryouts to go over the season details with the coach. The coach will give further information

about the date and time for this meeting.


Athlete Code of Ethics:

Participation in interscholastic athletics is a privilege and an honor. Student-athletes are

expected to be positive representatives of Healdsburg Jr. High, Healdsburg Unified School

District, and the community, and therefore, are expected to be positive examples. The student-

athlete will exhibit positive/appropriate behavior at school, during contests, and in the

community. The privilege of participation may be revoked when a student-athlete fails or

refuses to comply with the rules.


Ideally, interscholastic athletics aid in the development of lifelong skills necessary for young

people. Sportsmanship, cooperation, and teamwork, respect of others, and positively adjusting to

winning and losing in a positive manner are an integral part of the philosophy of each athletic

team. Athletics also play an important role in helping participants develop positive self-concepts

and healthy bodies.


While Healdsburg Jr. High takes great pride in being successful, we do no condone, “winning at

all costs”, and discourage any behavior which sacrifices good sportsmanship, respect for team

members and opponents, and disregard for the rules. Because our emphasis is on teaching the

skill necessary to play the sport, it is expected that all members of these teams be given the

opportunity to participate in all practices and games.


It is our goal to realize the potential of all members of a team. Coaches will not allow members

of a team to tease or belittle those who may not have realized their athletic potential. Athletes

are expected to act as part of a team and be supportive of their fellow teammates.